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Welcome to our website! We are a team of digital marketing experts ready to offer you some of the highest quality services on the market.

We have a proven track record in bringing high quality search enginere results from clients all over the world. Moreover, we alwasy appreciate long term work and we continually improve your ranking.

Our focus is on mutual trust, integrity, persistence and transparency. We make sure that all our employees, business partners and customers are treated with professionalism and they are always happy! We are focused on bringing in quality results while also bringing in creative ideas and a tremendous experience. We can easily fulfill tasks pertaining to search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and digitail marketing in general. Our business relationships are focused on hard work, trust and commitment to the project at hand.


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Web developer and Founder
Ildiko Balint
Marketing manager
Livia Szabo
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Tamas Stenczel
Graphic designer
Peter Csendes
Judit Szekely
Zsofia Pinter
Social Media Manager

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We are a very respected internet marketing agency and we want to help companies share their ideas, speak their belief and generate more clients and leads online!

Passionate About Our Clients

We have a large portfolio and we work very hard to ensure that the digital marketing services are fulfilling and even surpassing client expectations. We can work with a variety of companies, regardless of their size!

Focus Trend System Advertising Agency
Miss Rebel Fashion
BestCover Hungary
Menzou Dental


Some remarkable events our digital marketing agency went through.


April, 2014

Agency started by web enthusiasts Zoltan Kovacs in Budapest, Hungary.

July, 2014

The company’s first website was released!


October, 2014

Established Budapest headquarters.



February, 2015

Our social media optimization services used by some of the top companies in Hungary.


June, 2015

Special SEO Services Blog crosses 50 daily subscribers and is ranked amongst top 150 Marketing Blogs by Advertising Age.


June, 2016

The company created 50 website!

October, 2016

Special SEO Services have 50+ clients worldwide.


December, 2016

Company growing with new team members.



February, 2017

Number of website visitors reached 5 000+ /month.


April, 2017

Agency helped over 80 companies with offered web services.

June, 2017

Website updated with new completed works.