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Welcome to Menzou Dental, the practice of Fouzi Menzou M.D., providing professional and compassionate preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services in Budapest, Hungary.

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New website in 3 languages: hungarian, english and french.

Welcome to our Clinic!

Our most important goal is to let all our patients leave our office with a happy, happy smile on their face!

My goal is to get away with a happy smile!

In the clinic will meet friendly staff with professional expertise who will ensure that you enjoy yourself!

– Fouzi Menzou M.D., head of clinic, aesthetic dentist

About Me

I graduated from the Department of Dentistry at the University of Szeged in 2009, and as a resident trainee I have gained a lot of clinical experience. I spent my stay at the Conservation and Aesthetic Dental Department and actively participated in the care of disabled patients with special care. After a couple of years I was tied to Budapest where I worked at the Marident Dental Office. Thanks to Hungarian, Arabic, French and Berber language knowledge, I was also involved with foreign patients besides Hungarian patients.

My professional interest focuses on cosmetic dentistry, conservative dentistry, prosthetics and oral surgery. Based on my experience so far, the success of a dental surgery lies in the high level of professional knowledge of the doctor, in establishing a proper personal relationship between the patient and physician and in taking full account of the patient’s personal needs. As an adult and as a child, I find it extremely important to choose a doctor for dental interventions as I believe that one of the main drivers of the whole system is the patient’s trust in the doctor, which in many cases mitigates and prevents the stress and pain associated with the interventions.

By providing full-scale, high-quality dental care with state-of-the-art tools, I’ve always tried to create a “soul” where you feel that the relationship between a patient and a physician is a real human-to-human relationship.

The team

Our team cures a consistent approach and order. Each employee takes on the task and achieves the right result in which his knowledge is based on firm ground. In the management plans we work together for each patient, so our knowledge is added together.


From The Client

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