Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

1. Majestic

One of the more affordable backlink and authority checkers out there, the tool is very good for an overview of your own and competitor activities. Use Clique Hunter to find audience and link crossover between up to five comparable domains of your choosing.

2. Ahrefs

The pricier of the most popular backlink comparison tools provides more insights on yearly activity, anchors used, referring content and even has a discovery tool that works in a similar manner to Buzzsumo included within the package. The single most valuable function of Ahrefs isn’t it’s use as a link scraping tool but it’s superior functionality for keyword discovery, unlink Advanced Web Ranking which relies on data you have to discover yourself, Ahrefs cuts out the middle man by pulling the data in for you before you even have time to think of linking Webmaster Tools!

3. SemRush

The most useful aspect of SemRush is the amount of technical and on site detail that they provide. From blank meta descriptions to dead links and errors that that the previous two tools never alerted me to, it is the major thing that kept it in my arsenal. Out of the three tools I also prefer SemRush’s newletter format for weekly rankings I’m sent just for being a free member. Breakdowns between competitor and keyword rankings are more concise and perfect for viewing whilst out of the office.

4. YoastSEO

Yoast is one of the few plugins that is used alongside WordPress on the Magnafi site. It is so often used to optimise our pages and articles that it can be easily forgotten as one of our staple tools. Whilst a few of the metrics they judge upon have been outdated by Ahref’s 2 Million Keyword Study (which you can read here), it provides excellent guidelines to any beginner in Search Engine Optimization who creates regular content.

5. Advanced Web Ranking

One of the best keyword ranking tools out there. Especially valuable for agencies in that it can be used for white label reports for your competitors. Weekly rankings are supplied as standard, with daily and on demand keyword results available for premium subscribers.

6. StoryBase

If your looking for some new insights and are tired of relying on the Adword’s keyword planner, Storybase might just be for you. With 5 billion long-tail keywords, 100 million question keywords, and 2 billion related LSI keywords they are hardly short of data! The aspect I most like about the tool is the fact that questions have a clear separation from the rest of the other keyword results. This can make answering a customer query a lot easier to view than in Adwords, as in Adwords you have to specify terms that would be most often included in a question (e.g who, what, why?) to get the same results. This can be a bit fiddly to sort through especially in results which may not use who, what, where, why in their sentence structure.

7. Moz (specifically their toolbar)

The free Moz toolbar is great for searching for discovering new linking opportunities for your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Finding the different between followed and no-follow domain links is done in a fraction of the time. It also provides you with the site authority and spam score almost as soon as the webpage is loaded – very helpful when avoiding harmful websites.

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